Painting Walls at Child’s Eye Level

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Annual campus maintenance is an important task for our company. This year, we once again participated in painting at Dali Tucheng Elementary School in May. We painted the exterior walls of 47 classrooms up to a height of 100 cm, which required us to work in a crouched position. Despite this, we were always greeted by a group of curious young onlookers at every recess, enthusiastically interacting with us and observing the painting process.

The enthusiasm of the principal, teachers, and students deeply moved us and became our greatest motivation. During the three painting sessions, we not only made the campus environment cleaner but also gained a sense of achievement through interaction and cooperation with the school. This not only strengthened community relationships but also ensured that children could learn happily in a clean environment.

In addition to the painting project, we also assisted the school in removing 27 projectors from the classrooms. With the advent of digital televisions, projectors are gradually being replaced, and those hanging from the ceiling tend to accumulate dust, affecting classroom cleanliness. Using our company’s professional skills and equipment, we successfully removed these projectors, further improving classroom cleanliness.

We are very pleased to participate in this campus maintenance project, as it was not just a job but also an exchange and growth experience. We look forward to more opportunities in the future to continue contributing to schools and the community, ensuring children have a better learning environment.