New Green Commuting Option: REXON Industrial Sets Up U-Bike Station for Employees


REXON Industrial continues to promote energy-saving and carbon-reduction policies, aiming to reduce the carbon emissions caused by employee commuting. According to data from 2022 and 2023, REXON Industrial employees collectively emitted 293.4351 tons of CO2e and 355.3844 tons of CO2e from commuting, averaging 0.21 tons and 0.36 tons of CO2e per person per year. To further reduce these emissions, REXON Industrial actively encourages employees to choose low-carbon commuting options.

Most REXON Industrial employees live near the company, creating favorable conditions for promoting low-carbon commuting. The company applied to the Transportation Bureau to establish a U-Bike station near REXON Industrial, providing employees with a more eco-friendly commuting option. This initiative not only helps reduce carbon emissions but also enhances employee health and well-being.

REXON Industrial believes that businesses should lead the way in energy saving and carbon reduction and will continue to invest resources in promoting various environmental measures to achieve sustainable development goals. In the future, the company will continue to cooperate with the government and society to contribute to a green future.