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We sincerely invite you, who strive and courageously challenge yourself on the career path,

to join us in realizing the values of mutual prosperity, excellence, and sharing.

Join Rexon, embark on a glorious journey


Join Rexon, embark on a glorious journey _

Since its establishment in 1972, Rexon Industrial Group has become a listed company spanning the fields of machinery, electrical, and electronic industries. Rexon has also set up a branch in Tongxiang, China.
The company's two core products are fitness equipment and electric power tools. The Power tools it produces have the highest added value in the machinery industry and maintain steady growth every year, with a focus on exporting to the United States and European regions.
As a renowned fitness equipment manufacturer, we deeply cultivate the Taiwanese and European-American markets, providing products and services that exceed customer expectations and have received numerous awards and recognition both domestically and internationally.



Medical check-ups

To care for employees' physical health, we provide regular health check-ups
so that our colleagues can have comprehensive physical and mental care.

Employee and family gatherings

  • Subsidies for personal and family trips & gatherings
  • Barbecue and lucky draw for Rexon’s family day
  • Year-end employee lucky draw
  • Company hiking activity
  • Rewards for clubs organizing company-wide events
  • Annual activity subsidy for clubs

Financial support

  • Cash benefits for employees hospitalized for injury or illness
  • Employee (and dependent) funeral assistance fund

Festival gifts and scholarships

  • Mid-Autumn Festival voucher
  • Labour Day voucher
  • Birthday voucher
  • Wedding cash gift
  • Parental cash gift
  • Cash gift for employees beginning their mandatory military service
  • Housewarming cash gift
  • Scholarships for employees and their children


Stable protection, flourishing happiness _

Rexon Group has a wide range of employee benefit policies in place. An employee welfare committee (Welfare Committee) was founded to deal with matters related to labor and health insurance and many kinds of benefits. To adhere to the philosophy, “Employees are our most valuable asset”, the Welfare Committee has been devoted to improving the workplace for the employees, in terms of everyday activities and facilities, and ensuring the quality of their working lives. In addition to the well-designed remuneration systems, wide-ranging and complete benefits and recreational events are offered for the employees to relax and relieve physical and mental stress outside of work. On the other hand, we also organize various activities to provide more chances for the employees to interact with each other and build fellowship, so as to create a happy and harmonious work environment.

Internationally Renowned

/ 01_Internationally Renowned

  • Multiple awards received, including the first Invention Award of the Republic of China, Outstanding Industrial Development Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Award for Excellence in the Field of Sustainable Development and Management from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Various certifications such as ISO9002, ISO9001 from the European Common Market.
  • A listed company with assurance
Value Added with Glory

/ 02_Value Added with Glory

  • Stock trust, year-end dividends
  • Holiday vouchers | Living and club subsidies
Stable Career

/ 03_Stable Career

  • Fixed working hours without shift rotation
  • Delicious lunch and dinner provided for free
  • Departmental gatherings, travel subsidies
  • Annual regular free health check-ups
  • High-end gym, happy farm, woodworking workshop available for employees' use



Rest Areas for Employees

Rest Areas for Employees

Health Care for Employees

Health Care for Employees

A Guide to Rexon’s Clubs

A Guide to Rexon’s Clubs


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Satisfying Jobs!

We recruit full-time employees throughout the year, whether they are fresh graduates or experienced professionals.
Do you want to join us in creating a fulfilling life?
We wholeheartedly welcome talents who have dreams and passion to join us to create value and fulfill our dreams together.

Rest Areas for Employees

Rest Areas for Employees

Making all-out efforts while staying calm. “Overworking without taking breaks and suffering from burnout“ has become one of the civilization diseases among modern people. Such disease makes life disinteresting and leaves people physically and mentally exhausted. What's even worse, it may cause their efforts to be in vain and lead to them having no time to think about their future career. I remember that the CEO used to remind us not to keep our heads down while working, but to hold our heads high and look forward as if we were cattle ploughing a field. Otherwise, we might knock our heads against the wall in front of us. Taking a break allows employees to have time to check their status and reflect on how to get things done more easily. Many people may see “breaks” as being lazy or wasting time, but having a “good break” enables us to be prepared for the future. Leaving land fallow for a short period of time allows the soil to recover. Inspirations at work sometimes also come during a break. Take Google, a well-known company, for example. The ideas for a lot of its successful products and services came while the employees were having a break. This shows that breaks do not mean wasting time. They sometimes can boost our performance to an extent beyond our average level of performance. 

When the President was once walking around and inspecting the production lines, he found that the employees often sat on the floor and pallets or stood during the break. He thought that they did not so much take a break as kill time until the break was over. As the number of orders from our customers hits record highs, physical and mental exhaustion can be extreme, and thus, taking moderate rest has been increasingly important. Most of the company's rest areas were dim and narrow, with only several chairs and tables. I don’t think there was anyone who wanted to spend their break time in such a place where a thick layer of dust was left on the tables and chairs. A good rest area should be user-friendly and allow people to feel warm and comfortable for the purpose of taking breaks. As a result, to allow the employees to take good quality breaks, we arranged 14 rest areas beside production lines in the company in order for them to gain the ability to “take good breaks”. If you have used the new rest areas in the company, you must have noticed the differences between the areas and the work areas. For example, the rest areas are intended to ease work intensity and help people to take a break for a while and re-energize. People knowing when to have a break naturally know how to get their jobs done well. Successful people understand the importance of rest. On the other hand, having employees who know how to relax will make Rexon a more successful enterprise. Taking breaks helps us not only go further, but also regain energy and get ready for the next battle in our life.

Health Care for Employees

Health Care for Employees

Rexon is an enterprise that supports and promotes the physical health of employees. It is believed that healthy employees are better able to cope with job stress, improve job performance, and improve the employee's overall job questionnaire. Physical health and a good mental state can increase effort, energy and creativity, thereby improving work productivity and performance.

The gym
It usually equipped with a variety of advanced fitness equipment, such as treadmills, flywheels, rowing machines, weight training equipment, and more. These devices can meet the different fitness needs of employees, providing comprehensive body movement and exercise. In order to facilitate employees to exercise during working hours or after get off work, company gyms usually provide locker rooms and shower facilities. This allows employees to refresh after a workout and return to work or other activities with ease.

Physical Examination
Recon provide health risk assessments to assess employees' health status, lifestyle and disease risk. These assessments can provide individual health recommendations and improvement plans to help employees improve their living habits and prevent disease. And provide employees with comprehensive physical health checkups every year, including physical checkups, vision and hearing checkups, doctor consultations, etc. This can help employees identify potential health problems early and provide medical advice and treatment plans accordingly.

Health Promotion Activities
Rexon organizes activities to promote health every year, such as hiking activities, ball games, etc. These activities can encourage employees to be active in sports and wellness, increase physical activity levels and promote overall health. Colleagues are more welcome to invite family members to participate together and share the beauty of health-promoting activities.

On-site physician services
Recon invite professional occupational doctors from major hospitals to visit the company's medical office every month by appointment to provide convenient medical consultation for employees to ensure that they receive timely and appropriate medical care. Employees are encouraged to proactively seek medical care, reducing costs and improving the quality of care. By making an appointment for consultation with an occupational doctor, employees can receive professional medical advice and guidance to answer their health problems and concerns.
A Guide to Rexon’s Clubs

A Guide to Rexon’s Clubs

The Welfare Committee also provides channels for the employees to form or participate in clubs and grants subsidies and rewards for organizing club activities and company-wide events annually. These clubs not only help the employees develop interests, but also allow them to build interpersonal ties through club gatherings, thereby enriching the workplace.

Mountaineering Club
Allows our employees to get close to nature and improve physical and mental health. By breathing in phytoncides and anions, they can collect their thoughts and find peace of mind while staying healthy.

Badminton Club
Provides opportunities for the employees to play badminton. Badminton is a sport that promotes physical fitness comprehensively and increases muscle strength to help people stay in shape.

Succulent Plants Club
The club will organize succulent plant maintenance guidance and sharing activities, so that employees can learn how to care for and grow succulent plants. These activities can include identifying different types of succulents, learning about proper care, and sharing experiences and tips.

Aerobic Yoga Club
Offers opportunities to the employees to learn to do aerobic exercise and yoga to build a slender and lean-looking physique and relieve themselves from stress.

Rambling Club
Organize art and hand-made courses to let employees develop creativity in creation and production, let employees discover their talents and enjoy the fun of art. Club activities will also arrange more than one day of intellectual trips, including forest exploration, estate wine tasting, etc., to provide employees with an opportunity to explore knowledge and culture, while promoting learning and communication.

Fishing Club
Gathers the employees interested in fishing to share fishing techniques. Fishing while being surrounded by mountains and waters provides enjoyment. Enjoying fresh air in nature helps people forget about their worries, get away from the hustle and bustle, and reduce stress.

Singing Club
Brings the employees into the world of singing and guides them through singing techniques. As a “natural medicine” that keeps people physically and mentally healthy, singing brings pleasure and boosts immunity.

Camping Club
Provide employees with an opportunity to get in touch with nature and relax, while promoting teamwork and unity. Organize camping trips and adventure activities, and go to various outdoor attractions. Employees can set up tents in nature, enjoy camping, cooking, and gather together to make tea and chat. They can feel the comfort brought by nature together and strengthen the communication and emotional connection between employees.

Craft and Landscaping Club
Serves as a platform for the employees who like doing handicrafts, ranging from stationery, accessories, toys, furniture, landscaping, woodwork, metalwork, stonework and so on, and motivates them to gain aesthetic experience and improve their craft skills.