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About Rexon


Spirit and Vision _

Uphold the philosophy of getting to the bottom of matters and continual improvement to achieve lean production and management.
By leveraging advanced electromechanical integration technologies, we aim to provide high-quality products and services to our valued customers.
Create the best benefit for related parties with sustainable operations as the goal.

Provide comprehensive services to our brand customers

Uphold an attitude to go beyond excellence

By leveraging advanced electromechanical integration technologies



Future Development and Sustainability Issues _

Co-prosperity, common good, and co-benefit are the guiding principles of Rexon's sustainable development. We adhere to the five dimensions of “innovation, green practices, talent development, effective governance, and care,” ensuring our utmost commitment to social responsibility.



Sustainable Products
Rexon regards "enriching people's lives" as the shared goal for the common good. We uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of “honesty, stability, and growth,” as proposed by our founder Casey Wang, as a legacy in our corporate culture. We always adhere to the spirit of pursuing excellence in quality.

  • Management Policy: Product Services
  • Key Themes: Innovation and Research, Product Health and Safety
  • Long-term Goals:
    Continuously promote green energy products, develop cross-industry collaborations. Implement thorough supply chain management to ensure zero defects in quality.
    Thoroughly manage the entire supply chain to ensure zero defects in quality.



Environmental Sustainability
Adopting the concept of resource sustainability, reviewing and assessing process operations and implementing a circular economy approach, establishing an energy management system.
Incorporating a product life cycle management approach, considering product design, manufacturing, usage, and recycling stages to minimize the environmental impact of products. Actively seeking a balance between product functionality and environmental protection, and utilizing environmentally friendly materials as a starting point for design and development.

  • Management Policy: Climate Action
  • Key Theme: Climate Change Management
  • Long-term Goals:
    Achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions at all operational sites by 2050.



Adherence to human rights policy, establishment of training systems, compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

  • Management Policy: Friendly Workplace
  • Key Themes: Employee Welfare, Talent Attraction and Retention
  • Long-term Goals:
    Compliance with labor laws and regulations
    Creating a friendly workplace by continuously caring for the physical and mental well-being of employees.



Integrity and Transparency
The management team at Rexon upholds the corporate culture of "honesty, stability, and growth." Through comprehensive lean management and technological innovation, we strive to differentiate ourselves and maintain a competitive edge. We aim to meet customer needs, foster win-win partnerships, and pursue high-quality growth and sustainable operations for the company.

  • Management Policy: Operational Management
  • Key Themes: Economic Performance, Risk Management
  • Long-term Goals:
    Enhancing supply chain quality, capacity, cost, and delivery to strengthen competitive advantage.
    Meet the needs of the customers in every aspect by providing comprehensive and attentive services.



Shared Harmony and Prosperity
Rexon upholds the spirit of giving back to society. Guided by the principle of mutual assistance and mutual benefit, we engage in communication and collaboration to understand the needs of the community and society. We support charitable organizations through various forms of sponsorship and actively participate in activities that contribute to the improvement of society.

  • Advocating for good neighborliness
  • Community Care
  • Social Inclusion

Stick to responsibility extend sustainable

Remain steadfast in our responsibilities and continue to uphold the spirit of sustainability