Journey to the Vineyard

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At Mrs. Lai's vineyard in Dacheng Township, Changhua County, the rich aroma of grapes fills the air, and the sight of plump grapes meticulously cared for by Mrs. Lai greets visitors. Watching everyone carefully select grapes, trim off the bad parts, brush away dirt, and meticulously bag and package them to deliver to customers is truly heartwarming. Mrs. Lai personally removes the weeds with a sickle, avoiding the noise and diesel fumes of a lawnmower to preserve the serene environment.

This land is particularly precious due to the dedicated care of these individuals. Though we are not farmers, we can still think about how to contribute meaningfully to the environment in our daily lives. Everyone can work together to protect this land. Such efforts bring warmth and hope, motivating us to strive for a beautiful future for our environment.

During grape season, we support farmers by ordering grapes. Have you tasted the grapes this year?