Leave the Woodworking to Us

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Entering Tucheng Elementary School, we didn't just see rigid cement classrooms. Many places on campus were adorned with warm and inviting wooden decorations. However, wood requires regular maintenance and can decay over time or due to weather conditions. As a professional power tool manufacturer, we took the opportunity to repair the school's wooden structures before the winter break. We painted and gave them a fresh look.

We reconstructed the footboards, adjusting them to the height of the children's tricycles so that they could comfortably dispose of trash. The outdoor wooden chairs at the school had become unsafe due to damage, so we repaired them using unused wood with minimal cost, breathing new life into the old chairs. Like magicians, we transformed unsafe areas into safe ones, applying a protective coat of paint to all wooden structures, hoping to continue their lifespan and accompany children as they grow. Additionally, during our spare time, we assisted in cleaning the mud and sediment from the gutters, aiming to prevent water accumulation during the upcoming rainy season and provide a safer and more comfortable campus environment for the children.

We hope that Tucheng Elementary School can continue to maintain its wooden elements, providing children with a warm and gentle learning environment. Although wooden objects require more time for maintenance and repairs, it's not a problem. Leave it to Rexon, and we will gladly help with the maintenance.