Embracing 2023 with More Love

Located in Yuanlin, Changhua City, Simply ICR is formed by a group of parents of individuals with intellectual disabilities and scholars and experts who care about the well-being of individuals with intellectual disabilities. They spare no effort in enhancing work skills, cultivating attitudes, and promoting the participation of individuals with intellectual disabilities in social activities.

The seemingly simple and repetitive packaging tasks not only require agile finger movements but also involve coordinated actions and interactions with peers. The scope of their work goes beyond product packaging. Even the design of the packaging materials themselves is inspired by the artwork created by the studio members.

To spread awareness about this loving group, Rexon Industrial and Simply ICR Studio have prepared a gift to welcome 2023. Have you received the gift?

A single star's twinkle cannot create a dazzling starry sky. Let’s all be the stars that shine, complementing each other's radiance, and emitting the indispensable light for everyone. All the employees of Rexon Industrial invite you to join us in making 2023 a year filled with love.

Simply ICR Studio Website link