Standing at Heights Unseen by Children

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Classrooms are where children learn, and the areas they can clean are limited to their line of sight. Therefore, it's our responsibility to clean the high places, such as ceiling fans, lights, and wall fans. Initially, we planned to clean only the ceiling fans, lights, and wall fans, but it turned out that it took almost two hours to clean just one classroom.

Upon closer inspection, we noticed that our colleagues embraced the 5S spirit of the company and cleaned all the dirty areas they came across. This included the dust above the blackboard, the air conditioner vents, the dust inside cabinets, the window frames, and more. After completing the cleaning, they proceeded to wipe and return the desks and chairs to their places, and finally, they swept and mopped the floors. Our colleagues believed that the place where children study should be clean, and with this simple mindset, they diligently and attentively carried out their tasks. Buckets of water were changed, and the cleaning cloth would quickly turn dirty, but with everyone's teamwork, it took five days to complete all 30 classrooms. When we heard the teachers praising us for our thorough cleanliness, we felt relieved and accomplished. We hope all the children can enjoy studying and focus on their learning. Rest assured, we'll take care of the heights you can't see. Mission accomplished at Mei-Chun Elementary School!