Blood Donation Is Easy, but Sharing and Giving is Challenging

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Rexon is 51 years old and organizing blood donation drives. How old are you this year? Are you as healthy and passionate as Rexon?
After the initial experience of the "Sharing and Giving" activity, this time, the donated items were even more diverse, and the stories behind them were richer. Some people quickly took out items while their mothers were not at home (we wonder what their mothers' reaction would be...). Some struggled to part with items they had considered for a long time. Others carefully selected and made choices in their homes. As a result, their homes became cleaner and more organized. Various emotions intertwined during the "Sharing and Giving" activity.
Everyone had their struggles during the process of sharing and giving. After all, these were items they had once owned, with many memories and sentimental value. However, objects themselves have no emotions. Their value only exists when they are put to good use. When they are no longer suitable for themselves and find new owners who can fully utilize their original functions, they shine again. No matter how much reluctance there is, it becomes a touching moment.
Through the "Sharing and Giving" activity, we have experienced and implemented the concept of sustainable circulation in practical terms. Thank you all for making the "Sharing and Giving" activity a success once again.