Rexon Industrial Protects the Book House of the Kids

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The founder of Taitung Children's Book House, Mr. Chen, became concerned after witnessing how children were mistreated and their unique qualities were sacrificed within the standardized education system. He noticed that children with low academic achievements were often undervalued, neglected, or even treated harshly. That's why the book house emphasizes the concept of "self-teaching."
In rural areas, Mr. Chen observed a lack of self-awareness and independence in people's daily lives. We strongly believe that individuals need to stand up and be stable before they can actively engage with the world around them. By developing their own perspectives and dedicating themselves with passion, they can lead the way for other children to take a big step forward. The book house focuses on helping children rediscover themselves through independent living and initiating change through mutual support and companionship.

The spirit of the book house has deeply moved Rexon Industrial. Through this donation, we hope to raise awareness of the book house and its inspiring story. Even if you cannot directly help them, you can start making small changes to assist those in need in your own community.