REXON Responds to World Earth Day by Donating Blood to Support Health and Well-being

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On the eve of World Earth Day on April 17, 2024, REXON regularly holds blood donation activities, primarily to provide blood supplies to medical institutions. This assistance aids medical facilities in adequately managing patient needs in cases of accidents, surgeries, pregnancies, and other emergencies, thereby enhancing medical rescue capabilities and consequently reducing diseases and deaths due to insufficient medical resources.

Following the blood donation activities, "Dinos Pizza" food truck supplements employees' nutrition. REXON supports an entrepreneurial couple who operate "Dinos Pizza," utilizing locally sourced, low-carbon ingredients to convey their passion for cooking and aid in the employees' physical recovery.

"PIIN JIA CONTAINER" sponsors snack boxes, adding vibrancy to the blood donation charity event and demonstrating the company's support for social responsibility and charitable activities.

Blood donation activities are closely linked to the health and well-being goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. REXON continuously contributes to promoting health, preventing diseases, enhancing social well-being, and fostering social development.