Celebrating the Festive Season Together with a Sustainable Lifestyle Attitude

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Try closing your eyes and listen to others' instructions, experiencing the sense of achievement when a task is completed. During the negotiation between REXON and 'SOBRIGHT' for this year's Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes, the staff mentioned that some of their workers have disabilities, but their hands are capable of normal activities. They place the right people in the right positions, allowing each individual to utilize their strengths. They train individuals with various disabilities to collaborate and complement each other's abilities, doing tasks that they might not be able to do alone. Their dedication and care inspire us to share this love with everyone, wishing you all a joyful Mid-Autumn Festival!

This year, extreme weather conditions have been more severe than ever. There was a water shortage in the south at the beginning of the year, and recently, we've experienced bright sunshine in the morning followed by possible heavy rain in the afternoon. This makes us realize the importance of a sustainable environment. For our mailing this time, we've replaced traditional bubble wrap with recycled honeycomb paper for packaging and used eco-friendly plastic bags for outer packaging. Our Mid-Autumn gift selection is filled with love but without excessive packaging, allowing us to send love and also contribute to the environment.