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Add learning project into personal KPI, cultivating talent by “Four Layer Training Program”

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Talent shortage is a major issue in Taiwan manufacturing industry.
The fundamental pain of talent development - manpower shortage, talent gap and the difficulty of retain talent. In here, talent education and training are usually considered "additional working hours" for many employees, and makes the training even more challenging.
We try to make the solution from various aspects such as processes, time, and increased flexibility to solve this practical challenge. We clarify the required training time and then transition to online teaching, said by Allen Lee, the human resources manager of Rexon. Lee believes that it is necessary to estimate how much time will take to train a new employee quickly get started on work and familiar with the company’s working flow. After the epidemic of COVID 19, the effect of online teaching were going smooth and have a positive response.
Moreover, we also created an internal learning framework: four layer training program, for helping the career development of our employees. The layers divided into senior management layer, middle management layer, junior management layer and management trainees layer. Each layer has different learning system plans. This framework is aim to build up an atmosphere of self-learning from inside of the company and further level up employees’ professional knowledge related to their work.
To add the learning into the personal KPI is to make sure the program will be implementing. ‘Without a “compulsory” mechanism for follow-up and enforcement, internal training can easily be ineffective even with encouragement and persuasion,’ said by Lee, ‘it is a human nature.’
Through this program spreading the various knowledge from senior managers to trainees and then overall the whole company, it could active the innovative communication and helps to develop more and more new and creative products in the future.