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Rexon branched out into new business field

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The situation of high inventories in global industries is impacted the world economy, but it is optimistic that next year (2023) will be better and hope the inventories problem will be relieved by then, said by Eric Luo, the general manager of Rexon, Taiwan major fitness equipment OEM company.
The global uncertainties impacted our clients and reflected on our revenue performances, it is lower the expected and loss $1.01 (NTD) per share, said by Tank Chuang, the spokesman of Rexon.
“However, by constantly strengthen and optimize the process of the present power tool and fitness equipment production, integrating the technical advantages in mechanical structure, motor and electronic control, Rexon start branched out to the new field products related to the motor and the controller integration,” Tank said “Which may bring us the new possibilities in the future.”
“As to the partnership with our current main client, we are focus on efficiently division of specialization. We are good at hardware design and manufacturing process, and our client is good at software design and marketing. We are positive to any market changes and adjustment of our clients, and well-prepare to any challenge, both our clients and we are working in this direction”, Tank expressed in the Conference.
About dividend next year, it will depends on the company’s founds planning and make a proper arrangement thoughtfully.

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