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Rexon going full steam ahead on their commercial fitness products

In 2021, the company experienced a surge in demand for fitness industry products, leading to record-high shipments. The consolidated annual revenue soared from 11.37 billion NT dollars in 2020 to 18.38 billion NT dollars, marking a remarkable 61% year-on-year increase, said by Eric Luo, the newly appointed General Manager of Rexon.
With the easing of the global epidemic, the demand for commercial fitness equipment has going strengthen in contrast with the weakened of the home fitness equipment, it is estimated that the operation of company’s home use product market this year will down to 30% compare to 90% scale last year; the operation of commercial products market will increase to 70% from 10% of last year. As being the Taiwan major fitness equipment manufacturer, Rexon will focus on the commercial fitness lead brands including Lifefitness, Technogym and True this year, state by the Rex Wang, the Chairman of Rexon, in the ordinary shareholder meeting held on May 31st.
Despite the appreciation of the New Taiwan Dollar and the increase in raw material prices in the second half of last year, which had an impact on the company's gross profit, effective control of operating expenses enabled the company to achieve an earnings per share (EPS) of 5.8 NTD in 2021, surpassing the 4.5 NTD of 2020. The shareholders' meeting approved the distribution of a dividend of 3 NTD per share for the previous year.
Rexon has continuously advanced its technology, providing customers with quality services and ensuring consumer satisfaction. Furthermore, the company will strive towards ESG practices, including environmental protection, social responsibility, and strong corporate governance.
In the 50th years of Rexon this year, a new branch outline into the company’s business map – the new product line comes from the integration of electric control and motor technology. It is the trending of variety industries and we looking forward a brand new future of Rexon soon.