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As the grape season approaches, Lai Mama's grapes are being packed and loaded onto trucks to be delivered to the market. Lai Yue, a single mother, raises four children on her own. With her perseverance, courage, and down-to-earth personality, she tends to the land and cultivates grapes in Dacun Township, Changhua County.

On this day, the grapes we ordered have finally arrived at the company. As the back door of the truck opens, a rich aroma of grapes fills the air. Upon opening the boxes, we see plump purple grapes, each one a testament to the meticulous cultivation of the small farmer. The small farmers are also thoughtful, cleaning every gap between the grape clusters before carefully packaging and delivering them to customers.

In Taiwan, there are many small farmers like Lai Mama who wholeheartedly protect the land and grow crops with care, treating both people and the land well. By enjoying delicious and trustworthy fruits and vegetables, we can also help motivate small farmers to continue their dedication.

Now is the grape season. Have you tasted grapes yet? If you missed out this year, make sure not to miss them next year.