When Rexon Industrial becomes the Summer Campus Repair Helper

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We were busy cutting grass and pruning branches while the friendly principal of Tucheng Elementary School reminded us to take breaks and stay hydrated in the hot weather. We appreciate your help. Even though it's summer vacation, the principal and teachers of Tucheng Elementary School seem to be busy as well. It's a great experience to be able to work on the school campus.
Repairing desks and chairs made us appreciate the value of caring for objects. Some of the desks and chairs were difficult to repair, but the students still hoped we could help fix them. Fortunately, we had the support of volunteers from the amazing team at Rexon, and together we made progress in repairing the desks and chairs.
During our activity, we were accompanied by the sounds of children studying and singing in class. Even after class, the children willingly came to help. It was a joy to work together with the children. We felt very happy.
For our next volunteer activity, we look forward to meeting children who come to us saying, "My chair is wobbly. Can you fix it?" or "My chair scratches my leg. Can you fix it?" We will enthusiastically reply, "Of course we can because you are so adorable!"