Rexon Industrial Spreads Love to Keep Smiles Shining

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The Association for the Care of Persons with Disabilities recognized that even though these angelic children have the willingness to work, they often face repeated setbacks during the job-seeking process, leading to a decline in self-confidence and self-esteem. With schools unable to provide continued assistance and families unsure of how to accompany them, these children face long-term unemployment, causing social and familial problems and burdens. In the spirit of "teaching them how to fish instead of giving them fish," the Smile Angel Bakery was established.

Deeply moved by the spirit of the association, Rexon Industrial learned of the volunteer recruitment for packaging at the Smiling Angels Bakery in preparation for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. Spontaneously, our colleagues responded and volunteered to assist in assembling and shipping the Mid-Autumn gift boxes.