Blood Donation/Sharing and Giving

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In April 2021, during the most challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan, the country faced a severe blood shortage. To help increase the blood supply, Rexon Industrial initiated an internal blood donation campaign that continues to this day. We deeply appreciate the enthusiastic participation of our Rexon partners.
And this time, during the blood donation event, we also responded to the spirit of sustainability by organizing our first "Sharing and Giving" activity. We took out items from our homes that we no longer needed, that were unused and in good condition, and gave them to people who could make use of them, fully realizing the value of the items themselves instead of just keeping them at home.
During the collection process, we couldn't help but ask ourselves if we were sure about giving away certain items. Some items were in great condition! However, this is the essence of the "Sharing and Giving" concept. Things we no longer need may be exactly what others need, extending the lifespan of the items, reducing waste, and preserving Earth's resources.
Good deeds require continuous effort. We'll see you again in the next "Sharing and Giving" activity!