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Internal Audit Organization

The appointment and removal of the head of internal audit in Rexon require the approval of a majority of the board members. The internal audit function reports directly to the Board of Directors and includes a dedicated head of internal audit.

Purpose of Internal Audit

The purpose of internal audit is to assess and examine the effectiveness of internal control systems, the reliability of financial reporting, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and to measure operational efficiency. It provides timely recommendations for improvement to ensure the continuous and effective implementation of various systems and assists the management in achieving the company's development goals.


Objectives of Internal Audit

  • Enhance compliance with policies and identify risks associated with operational procedures and laws to reduce uncertainties in achieving objectives.
  • Align with the company's overall operational goals and risk management strategies, and promote control procedures and inspection mechanisms in all departments.
  • Provide objective confirmation and consulting services in response to changes in the company's goals, environment, organizational structure, and operations.
  • Continuously monitor updates and revisions to laws and regulations, highlight key points to relevant departments, and assist in revising management systems accordingly.
  • Allocate internal audit resources primarily to audit activities related to major operational risks, taking a risk-oriented approach.
  • Implement self-assessment of operations: Department heads conduct self-checks and evaluations, while the internal audit department ensures the reasonableness of the audit checks and the effectiveness of controls.
  • Provide specific recommendations and extend professional and timely consulting services by evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk control and supervisory processes.

Organizational Chart of Audit Office