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Peugeot Cycles markets new range of connected e-bikes

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PARIS, France - Peugeot Cycles presented a new range of e-bikes during the Pro Days in Paris earlier this year. The three models have been developed by Beweel, a start-up company in which the Stellantis Group (owner of Peugeot) is a minority shareholder. Beweel has designed and will market this range. A Beweel App has also been developed to allow users to manage the drive system and collect data.

The new range includes an urban model (Digital e-Bike), a longtail (Digital e-Longtail) and a two-wheeled e-cargo (Digital e-Front Load) with a 230 litre body that can carry up to three children or heavy loads, suitable for both family and professional use. The longtail will go on sale this year, and the other two models will be released in the second and third quarters of 2024. All e-bikes are specified with the Shimano EP8 drive system.

Beweel in the lead

Beweel is at the heart of the project as the start-up has designed and developed the new range while some third-parties will manufacture and assemble the models. "We have designed the three e-bikes and we will also market them,” added Arnault Gournac, president of Beweel and former director of Peugeot Design Lab.

He also indicated that the range will be accessible to Cycleurope, which will be able to sell them through its own network. Currently, Cycleurope holds the exclusive Peugeot Cycles license. Peugeot has a long history in the bicycle industry. The partnership with Cycleurope was revived for the last time in 2010 when two companies closed a worldwide license agreement for the design, production and distribution of Peugeot branded bicycles.

"One-stop shop" app

These new e-bikes are at the heart of Peugeot's project, but that's not all. According to Beweel, the App will also be involved in the development. "It's what we call a ‘one-stop shop app’. It will enable a cyclist to access all information via a single application. For the moment, our Beweel App enables direct control of Shimano and Bafang drive systems,” notes Arnault Gournac.

Eventually, the connected part should play a major role in future Peugeot bikes. Since September, users have access to the Beweel App, with its many services (weather alerts, Bluetooth bike lock/unlock, GPS guidance).

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